Blackwater is a difficult band to categorize, from the Lewistown Area.  By their own admission, they play Rock and Country (Hot Rockin’ Country with an attitude).      

The difficulty lies not in the fact that they play both Rock and Country, but that they play both genre and only sway one way or another briefly….certainly not often enough to make our job any easier.

Blackwater captures the rhythms of today’s music and brings them to you, with some of the most popular country/rock tunes being played in dance clubs today. 
So whether in the club or at a peaceful country festival setting, please sit back, or better yet, get up and dance to the sounds of Blackwater.  The band consists of bassist Pat Naylor, guitarist Dustin Pollock, and drummer Mel Bollinger.  Drawing on years of experience, Blackwater can take you on a musical voyage from the hot-test rockin’ country sounds to Classic Rock, to the hot rockin’ sounds of their own “Anything Goes” CD.  To contact the band, call Pat Naylor @ 717-248-2262 or email him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..