Festival Rules



Festival Guidelines & Regulations

Kettle Creek Music Festival should be an enjoyable experience for everyone. For your safety and protection of the venue, there are a few guidelines that we are asking everyone to follow.  Doing so will help make the Kettle Creek Music Festival a wonderful and safe experience.

Four Wheelers, Golf Carts & ATVs:  Festival attendees will be permitted to operate motorized recreational vehicles (4-wheelers, golf carts, etc.) at KCMF.  These vehicles are to be used safely for travel from place to place at the festival, not continuous riding.  Operators are subject to the laws of PA, with all operators 10 and under being required to have a legal adult with them to operate the machines. 

Tailgating:  Sites are reserved in advance.  Traffic is one way.  One car maybe parked behind each site. Other vehicles may travel through to unload and then proceed to day parking area.

E-Z Up Tents: There will be a "tent row", for E-Z Ups and other shade/shelter tents located in the tailgating section. Tents may be set up there with a clear view of the stage, without blocking the view of those sitting in front.

Wristbands: Must be worn at all times.  Stretched or torn wristbands will not be honored.  Entering the festival without paying is trespassing.  Freeloading, stealing, and cheating kills the scene.  Don't let it happen.

Pets: Will be allowed in the festival grounds. No exotic pets are permitted Please control your pets at all times - by leash or by command. If your pet is unable to be controlled (barking, growling, lunging, etc..., please remove them from the festival area. All pet owners must also clean up after their pets!!! Pet stations will be placed throughout the grounds.

Fireworks are prohibited: Setting off fireworks will result in expulsion from the festival.  This includes mini hot air balloons that are set adrift to float the breeze. The noise and the potential fire hazard pose too great a risk.

Bottles, Cans, & Kegs: Do not bring kegs to the festival.  Please NO GLASS bottles.  Broken glass & bare feet do not go together. 

This is a LITTER FREE FESTIVAL: Please help contain the trash.  Recycle all aluminum. Take out what you bring in. Use the recycling bins located throughout the festival grounds.

Vehicles: Only vehicles belonging to campers are allowed in the camping area.  No unauthorized vehicles allowed in the festival stage area.

Canned Music: Picking and singing is encouraged, as it adds to the festiveness of the event.  Do not play any recorded music on stereos or car systems.

Campfires: Ground fires must be contained with a well-built fire ring. Using a raised fire pit is suggested. All fires must be properly barricaded and contained.  Share a fire with your camping neighbor whenever possible, so we don't have fires everywhere. 

Noise in the Campground: In order for everyone to have a great time, please keep the non-music related noise down in the camping area after the stage closes down. You will be asked to leave the festival if your actions can not be controlled. No refund will be given.

Unauthorized Vending & Distributing Literature: You may not sell anything on the festival grounds unless you have a permit.  Please ask to pass out literature at the festival and campground.

Generators: Quiet generators are required if they are to be used at Kettle Creek Music Festival.  Please respect sleeping neighbors and shut down all generators at a reasonable hour. 

Weapons: Anyone seen with any type of weapon will be escorted from the grounds, without refund.

No illegal substances: No exceptions ~ you will be asked to leave the festival, without refund.