Hometown Boyz



The Hometown Boyz

The HOMETOWN BOYZ play a variety of classic rock, country, bluegrass and more.  A few of our tunes have hit the charts in the USA and Europe and received plenty of airplay.  We are very audience friendly and a lot of fun.  Heck, even Elvis makes an appearance at all of our shows.  We play the good old 40’s and 60’s rock n roll and country along with some great fiddle and banjo bluegrass tunes and some 70’s and 80’s tunes mixed in for fun.  We love parties, clambakes, festivals, fairs, weddings, etc.  Our desire is to give you 110% of our energy, passion and heart.  We promise to bring a lot of smiles and fun to your crowd.  We are very versatile with our sound.  We can jump from bluegrass to country to rock n roll and more.  All five of us play music and perform because we absolutely love it.  We don’t consider this work or a job, it is a labor of love and a privilege to play at someone’s event.  Please check us out, you will be happy with us we promise.  Our resumes include a year of performances at Mt Airy Casino and 20 years of parties, weddings, picnics, etc.  We have been voted “Best of 2012” by Gigmaster’s.  Our video “Coal Miner Blues” has won awards and can be seen on face book and You Tube.  Please visit us on both using this link
Our members include;
Mike Haduck—sings and plays a variety of instruments
Ed Haduck—sings and plays a Fender Bass
Jim Reap—Plays drums and sings backing vocals
Mike Lavelle—Plays tambourine, washboard, harmonica and cowbell. 
Joe Sweeney—Sings and plays guitar