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The Left Edge

The Left Edge:

Jack Schaeffer, Lead Guitar; Eric Stimmler, Keyboards; Smoky Panepinto, Bass Guitar; Tom Freed, Drums/Percussion; and Buddy Frederick, Rhythm Guitar.

The Left Edge was formed in 1999, after Tom Freed and Jack Schaeffer met.  Once they both realized the other was a musician, they discussed putting a band together.  They both liked Classic Rock, and the idea grew.  Jack was an accomplished guitarist, while Tom played drums.  But they needed more, and placed an ad… 

Bud Frederick and Eric Stimmler both responded to their ad, “…looking for guitarist and keyboard player…”  (by the way, Bud told his wife Tina about the band AFTER he had joined.  Hmm.)  Eric was told that a keyboardist had been hired, then got a call later that day telling him the spot was open.  Hmm.   

Smoky Panepinto became the band’s third bassist in 2006.  He met Jack at a Christian Music concert where both he and Jack were performing in bands from their churches. 

This is The Left Edge!

They play dynamic and crisp covers of songs ranging ‘from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and beyond,’ along with a variety of heartfelt originals.  They effectively leap from Shep and the Limelites to Ozzie Ozborne to Jethro Tull to Sinatra – often back-to-back. 

A key to their success?  All five get along really well with each other.  This closeness comes through in their shows, and enhances their sound.  In fact, a review of a 2008 concert said they ‘…seem to entertain each other as much as they entertain the audience.’ 

So, what does the name “The Left Edge” mean, you ask?  Watch for the answer on their next CD.


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