Vendor Another vendor of ours. event kcmf vendor
Country Pork Rinds
Country Pork Rinds Another food vendor of ours. We strive to provide food variety without overlap. event kcmf vendor
Vendor Row
Vendor Row Looking down vendor row. We work extremely hard every year to provide quality vendors. event kcmf vendor
Pets The grounds and the event are pet friendly. We love to see the whole family here. event kcmf pets
Field On Friday at dusk, this is what the field looked like. The bonfire was just set ablaze and is already lighting up the grounds. bonfire event kcmf
Dance Floor
Dance Floor Love to dance? We have you covered, the dance floor is open to everybody during the festival. dance event kcmf
Sound Central
Sound Central Ever wonder how we manage the sound? Here is your answer, it all takes place right under this tent. event kcmf sound
Kettle Corn
Kettle Corn Yet another vendor at the KCMF in 2014 event kcmf vendor
KC Music Fest
KC Music Fest Another flashback, this time to 2004. What's new here? The stage roof, brand new in 2004, it still shelters bands today. 2004 event kcmf
First KC Music Festival
First KC Music Festival We've come a long way! This is a picture of the field in 2001, our very first year hosting the KCMF. 1st year event kcmf
Vendor Another one of the vendors to be found in the vendor row. event kcmf vendor
Bonfires At night, these fires help light up the field and keep the festival attendees comfortable. bonfires event kcmf
Bonfire These bonfire rings are lit up at night. Once the fire is lit, the crowd maintains the flame with the wood provided. bonfires event kcmf
ATV Bring your ATV's. KCMF is ATV friendly! Just ensure you follow the rules posted right here on the website. atv event kcmf
Camping Camping is available to everyone attending the festival. camping event kcmf
Tailgating The tailgating row on Friday morning. event kcmf tailgating