Hospitality The hospitality team helps keep the event running by providing the volunteers with great food. event kcmf
Remote Control Aircraft
Remote Control Aircraft During intermissions, the remote control aircraft demonstration goes on. airshow event kcmf
Tailgating As always, tailgating is open and full for the duration of the festival. event kcmf tailgating
Cooking Brisket
Cooking Brisket The Kettle Cookin' crew performing a mid day check on the brisket. event food kcmf
Hunt Of A Lifetime
Hunt Of A Lifetime One of our primary beneficiaries in 2014, the Hunt Of A Lifetime crew runs their own stand in the vendor row. benefit event kcmf
Wildlife Photography
Wildlife Photography Ken Hunter is another vendor that you will most likely see at KCMF. event kcmf vendor
Cutting Edge Laser
Cutting Edge Laser Cutting Edge Laser Engraving is an example of a typical vendor at KCMF. event kcmf vendor
WCCRA WCCRA is another organization in the area that benefits from KCMF. benefit event kcmf vendor
image242 event kcmf
Horsenail Jewelry
Horsenail Jewelry One of the vendors attending the festival. event kcmf vendor
The Left Edge
The Left Edge One of the band campsites. The Left Edge performs at KCMF on Friday. band camping event kcmf
Canoe Full Of Booze
Canoe Full Of Booze This fundraiser is a profit for the Black Forest Fire Co. and is held right here at KCMF. event kcmf raffle vendor
Black Forest Fire Co.
Black Forest Fire Co. KCMF supports organizations from all parts of Central Pennsylvania. Black Forest Fire Company is one of those. benefit kcmf vendor
Shylock Foxx
Shylock Foxx Shylock Foxx performing their closing set on Friday night. band event kcmf stage
Night Time
Night Time Field View of the stage on Friday night. Currently performing: Shylock Foxx; Friday nights closing band. band event kcmf stage
Kettle Cookin
Kettle Cookin Friday Evening: After a long day cooking, the brisket is finally ready. food kcmf vendor