About Us

Kettle Creek Music Festival has been around since 2000. We started as a primary benefit for the Kettle Creek Ambulance Association. As with any starting business, event, organization our first years were a struggle but we always managed to survive.  In late 2012 after that year's festival, we reorganized as a Non-Profit organization.  Now as you will realize in reading the benefits page, the festival has a more diverse purpose. 

In the beginning, the grounds had to be organized and a stage had to be built.  Luckily, the grounds offer a natural ampitheater -  cutting the field in order to encourage grass over weeds was the main goal.  So work in that area was not as heavy as the work of the initial stage.  With the help of many local residents/volunteers, the first stage was built on the frames of two mobile homes which were torned down and scrapped using only the metal frame work that was left.  The roof was made by a local sewing company and made out of parachute material.  The pictures of what happens to that material with 3-4 inches of heavy rain, are not easily forgotten.  In 2004, the stage was fitted with a new metal roof.  It became evident that the next venture would be coming up with a dance floor in front of the stage.  In 2006, that dream became real.  The dance floor was initially used as an advertisement venture for local businesses.  Each 4x8 sheet was offered to businesses as a blank slate for their art work.  Those sheets were then organized and placed on a frame creating the floor.  This floor was used until the 2014 event.  In June of 2014, concrete was used to create the dance floor we have today.  

With each passing year the Music Festival Committee (although small) discusses and moves forward with new addition/thoughts, always trying to provide a memorible, fun filled weekend for families.  We thank you all for coming to our weekend and hope you will continue to come and enjoy what we put together.  If you are interested in assisting with this festival, or you have suggestions or ideas to help us improve,  please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..